Providing Smart Problem Solving Solutions For Your Daily Human Needs

Shoppyrex is an Online Ecommerce Company, dedicated to providing only Quality, Problem Solving & Physical products that solves human wants & needs

Our Vision

To become the go to online Ecommerce company in Africa for  Quality & Problem Solving Physical products that will make our customers happy, safe and pain free

Our Mission

We provide Problem solving, entertaining and lifestyle Physical products and solutions to our customers whilst using New media Advertising platform, different marketing strategy and Fast distribution channel to connect them to the solution and get them to take up offers that makes them happy,solves their problem & eradicate their pain

Our Core Value


We act with highest ethical values, showing transparency and fairness in every decision we make


We work hard to achieve our goals

Miha- Make it happen Ability

We make things happen swiftly without complains and excuses


We are commited to achieving our goals and target without fainting


We strive for excellence by challenging each other to be better everyday and seeing possibility rather than limitation


We strive to understand the market and our customers needs daily so we can provide them with exceptional products


We concentrate on delivering products that solves individual needs/want


We follow through with our promises, if something happens to prevent it, we change our strategy & communicate fast

We Operate in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya


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